Chuay Gahn Shrine

The Chuay Gahn Tribe will encounter many mysteries and new challenges in Thailand. How will this new group fare with the elements and each other?

Brian Heidik
Hometown: Quartz Hill, California
Occupation: Used Car Sales
Days: 39 (Final Survivor)

Clay Jordan
Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Occupation: Restaurateur
Days: 39 (Runner-Up)

Gandhia Johnson
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: Legal Secretary
Days: 12

Helen Glover
Hometown: Middleton, Rhode Island
Occupation: Navy Swimming Instructor
Days: 37

Jan Gentry
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Teacher
Days: 38

John Raymond
Hometown: Slidell, Louisiana
Occupation: Pastor
Days: 3

Tanya Vance
Hometown: Kingsport, Tennessee
Occupation: Social Worker
Days: 6

Ted Rogers, Jr.
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
Occupation: Software Developer
Days: 36