Three Worlds

20 castaways from the past 30 seasons have come back to face a new beginning in Cambodia

1. A tribe mix-up took place in episode 3. Those affected will have * (Angkor), * (Bayon) or * (Ta Keo) beside their names
2. Angkor dissolved and another switch took place in episode 6. Those affected will have * (to Bayon) or * (to Ta Keo) beside their names


Andrew Savage**
(Jury #2)

Ciera Eastin
(Jury #4)

Jeremy Collins

Joe Anglim**
(Jury #6)

Kass McQuillen*
(Jury #1)

Keith Nale**
(Jury #9)

Kimmi Kapenberg
(Jury #8)

Monica Padilla
(5th eliminated)

Stephen Fishbach
(Jury #5)

Tasha Fox**

Ta Keo

Abi-Maria Gomes**
(Jury #7)

Jeff Varner*
(4th eliminated)

Kelley Wentworth*
(Jury #10)

Kelly Wiglesworth**
(Jury #3)

Peih-Gee Law*
(3rd eliminated)

Shirin Oskooi
(2nd eliminated)

Spencer Bledsoe**

Terry Deitz

Vytas Baskauskas
(1st eliminated)

Woo Hwang**
(6th eliminated)