About Me

My Bio
Name: Stephanie
Age: 40
Birthday: August 22
Hometown: Mississauga, Canada
Hobbies: Reading, web design, shopping, collecting stuffed animals
Other Fandoms: Team Sky

All About Survivor:
I have been watching Survivor since: the very first episode
I started watching because: I was curious as to what it was about
My 3 favorite seasons are: Africa (season 3), Cook Islands (season 13), Tocantins (season 18)
My 5 favorite male castaways are: Ethan Zohn, Rupert Boneham, Ozzy Lusth, Todd Herzog, JT Thomas
My 5 favorite female castaways are: Colleen Haskell, Stephenie LaGrossa, Michelle Yi, Amanda Kimmel, Sierra Reed
My Survivor collection consists of: 3 seasons on DVD (Australia, Pearl Islands, Vanuatu), the season 1 companion book, CD soundtrack, Australia T-shirt, 4 buffs (Cook Islands starting tribes)
If I were a Survivor, my strength would be: mental challenges (puzzles, etc.) and anything requiring balance