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Welcome! This is my fan page devoted to the hot reality series Survivor. This page covers all seasons from the tropical jungles of Pulau Tiga to the barren deserts of the Australian Outback, and from the desolated savannahs of Africa to the lush paradise vistas of the Marquesas and the exotic mystery of Thailand, from the vast rainforests of the Amazon and the beauty of the Pearl Islands to the fiery landscapes of Vanuatu and the wartime relics of Palau and beyond. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Castaways and Summaries

Season Tribes Summaries
Borneo Tagi / Pagong Tribal Council
Australia Kucha / Ogakor Waterfall
Africa Samburu / Boran Savannah
Marquesas Maraamu / Rotu Jungle Mists
Thailand Sook Jai / Chuay Gahn Thai Temple
Amazon Tambaqui / Jaburu Rainforest
Pearl Islands Drake / Morgan Treasure Cove
All-Stars The All-Stars Pirate Cave
Vanuatu The Natives The Volcano
Palau The Soldiers Battleground
Guatemala The Warriors Maya Ruins
Panama The Maroonees The Island
Cook Islands Stranded Souls Abandonded Ship
Fiji Islanders Exile Hut
China Scholars Great Wall
Micronesia Fans and Faves Paradise
Gabon Tribesmen Grasslands
Tocantins Nomads Highlands
Samoa Tautai Siva
Heroes vs. Villains Heroes and Villains Survival Journal
Nicaragua Adventurers Water's Edge
Redemption Island Seekers Duel Arena
South Pacific Redeemers Samoan Lore
One World Inhabtants Castaway Log
Philippines Lakas Adalantado
Caramoan Abentuero Dalat
Blood vs. Water Pamilya Pagkatiwalaan
Cagayan Kaisahan Kandili
San Juan Del Sur Blood Water
Worlds Apart Three Worlds One Destiny
Second Chances New Beginning New Game
Kaoh Rong Toukchet Karorsarean
Millennials vs. Gen X Dina Ilakolako
Game Changers Waitui Kama
Heroes/Healers/Hustlers Vuku Mata
Ghost Island Ibale Taka
David vs. Goliath Vuli Tadra
Edge of Extinction Manu Totoka
Island of the Idols Senikau Gagadre
Winners at War Ivotavota Qaqa
Survivor 41 Teams Summaries
Survivor 42 Castaways Diary
Survivor 43 Cast Summaries
Survivor 44 Cast Summaries
Survivor 45 Cast Summaries
Survivor 46 Cast Summaries

Outer Islands and Base Camp

Asmara Beach Snake Island Facts and Stats
Island Spirit About Me Tree Mail

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