Pagong Beach

The northwestern tip of Pulau Tiga is the home of the Pagong Tribe, a very diverse and fun-loving group of people (well, except for some). Here are the eight members of Pagong, plus a short profile on each one.

Name: B.B. Andersen
Hometown: Mission Hills, Kansas
Occupation: Retired Contractor
Time on Island: 6 days

Name: Colleen Haskell
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Student
Time on Island: 33 days

Name: Gervase Peterson
Hometown: Willingboro, New Jersey (now resides in Philadelphia)
Occupation: Youth Basketball Coach
Time on Island: 30 days

Name: Greg Buis
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Occupation: Journeyman
Time on Island: 24 days

Name: Gretchen Cordy
Hometown: Clarksville, Tennessee
Occupation: Homemaker/Preschool Teacher
Time on Island: 21 days

Name: Jenna Lewis
Hometown: Franklin, New Hampshire
Occupation: Student
Time on Island: 27 days

Name: Joel Klug
Hometown: Sherwood, Arkansas
Occupation: Health Club Consultant
Time on Island: 18 days

Name: Ramona Gray
Hometown: Edison, New Jersey
Occupation: Chemist
Time on Island: 12 days