Maraamu Beach

Maraamu: Tahitian word for "wind"

Tahiti is a place full of mystery and beauty, and the Maraamu Tribe is ready to experience it all. Here are the 8 members of the tribe, complete with their hometowns and occupations, each ready to take on the experience of a lifetime.

Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
Occupation: Nature Guide
Time in Marquesas: 18 days

Hometown: La Jolla, California
Occupation: Federal Express Pilot
Time in Marquesas: 9 days

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Time in Marquesas: 38 days

Hometown: Layton, Utah
Occupation: Student
Time in Marquesas: 39 days (Runner-Up)

Hometown: Thomaston, Georgia
Occupation: Judge
Time in Marquesas: 37 days

Hometown: Lugoff, South Carolina
Occupation: Truck Assembler
Time in Marquesas: 6 days

Hometown: Millis, Massachusetts
Occupation: Bowling Alley Owner
Time in Marquesas: 3 days

Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Occupation: Account Manager
Time in Marquesas: 12 days