They share one island, but are two different tribes. Meet the 18 new castaways of the 24th Survivor adventure

A tribal switch occurred in Episode 5. Those affected will have * (Salani->Manono) or * (Manono->Salani) beside their names


Bill Posley
(4th eliminated)

Colton Crumbie
(6th eliminated [medical])

Greg "Tarzan" Smith
(Jury #7)

Jay Byars*
(Jury #3)

Jonas Otsuji
(Jury #1)

Leif Manson
(Jury #4)

Matt Quinlan
(3rd eliminated)

Michael Jefferson*
(Jury #2)

Troy Robertson*
(Jury #5)


Alicia Rosa*
(Jury #8)

Chelsea Meissner
(Third Place)

Christina Cha*
(Jury #9)

Kat Edorsson
(Jury #6)

Kim Spradlin

Kourtney Moon
(1st eliminated [medical])

Monica Culpepper*
(5th eliminated)

Nina Acosta
(2nd eliminated)

Sabrina Thompson