With 16 new castaways and 2 returning players both on their third try for Survivor glory, anything can happen in Samoa.

NOTES: Due to the structure of this season, only the player's status will be shown rather than elapsed days, either "Active", "Eliminated", "Awaiting Duel" (for those on Redemption Island), "Jury", "Runner-Up" or "Winner"


Albert Destrade
(Third Place)

Ben "Coach" Wade

Brandon Hantz
(Jury #7)

Christine Shields Markoski

Edna Ma
(Jury #6)

Mikayla Wingle

Rick Nelson
(Jury #8)

Sophie Clarke

Stacey Powell


Dawn Meehan
(Jury #3)

Elyse Umemoto

Jim Rice
(Jury #1)

John Cochran
(Jury #5)

Keith Tollefson
(Jury #2)

Mark Caruso

Ozzy Lusth
(Jury #9)

Semhar Tadesse

Whitney Duncan
(Jury #4)