"Kaisahan" means "unity". In a competition where the strong, the smart and the beauitful are competing against each other, the tribes must be united for their own cause. Meet the castaways ready to survive Cagayan

A tribe switch occurred in episode 4. Those affected will have * (Aparri/Luzon to Solana) or * (Solana/Luzon to Aparri) beside their names

Solana (Beauty)

Alexis Maxwell*
(7th eliminated)

Brice Johnston
(3rd eliminated)

Jefra Bland
(Jury #5)

Jeremiah Wood*
(Jury #4)

LJ McKanas
(Jury #3)

Morgan McLeod*
(Jury #2)

Aparri (Brawn)

Cliff Robinson*
(5th eliminated)

Lindsey Ogle*
(Quit, 6th eliminated)

Sarah Lacina
(Jury #1)

Tony Vlachos*

Trish Hegarty*
(Jury #7)

Yung "Hoo" Hwang*

Luzon (Brains)

David Samson
(1st eliminated)

Garrett Adelstein
(2nd eliminated)

J'Tia Taylor
(4th eliminated)

Kassandra McQuillen*
(Jury #9)

Latasha Fox*
(Jury #6)

Spencer Bledsoe*
(Jury #8)