Boran Reserve

In another part of the African landscape lies the reserve of the Boran Tribe. Here are the 8 members of the group, each with something to prove in order to survive.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: High School Basketball Coach
Time in Africa: 21 days

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
Occupation: Mail Carrier
Time in Africa: 3 days

Hometown: Lexington, Massachusetts
Occupation: Professional Soccer Player
Time in Africa: 39 days (Final Survivor)

Hometown: Odessa, New York
Occupation: Phone Technician
Time in Africa: 30 days

Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff of Orange County
Time in Africa: 6 days

Hometown: Oyster Bay, New York
Occupation: Retired Teacher
Time in Africa: 39 days (Runner-Up)

Hometown: Germantown, Tennessee
Occupation: Bartender
Time in Africa: 15 days

Hometown: Jackson, Georgia
Occupation: Flight Attendant/Real Estate Agent
Time in Africa: 36 days