The ibale, or meaning, of the mysteries of Ghost Island is up to the new group of castaways to unlock

Tribe Swap (Episodes 2 & 5):
All affected have * (to Naviti), * (to Malolo) or * (to Yanuya) beside their names


Angela Perkins*
(Jury #10)

Bradley Kleihege**
(7th eliminated)

Chelsea Townsend**
(Jury #6)

Chris Noble*
(Jury #1)

Desiree Afuye*
(Jury #3)

Domenick Abbate

Kellyn Bechtold*
(Jury #7)

Morgan Ricke
(3rd eliminated)

Sebastian Noel**
(Jury #8)

Wendell Holland**


Brendan Shapiro
(4th eliminated)

Donathan Hurley*
(Jury #9)

Jacob Derwin
(2nd eliminated)

James Lim**
(6th eiminated)

Jenna Bowman*
(Jury #4)

Laurel Johnson**
(3rd Place)

Libby Vincek*
(Jury #2)

Michael Yerger
(Jury #5)

Stephanie Gonzalez
(1st eliminated)

Stephanie Johnson
(5th eliminated)