Tagi Beach

On the southeast face of Pulau Tiga dwells the Tagi Tribe, a group of young and old castaways with different abilities and personalities. Here are the identities of the eight members of Tagi and a short description of each one.

Name: Dirk Been
Hometown: Spring Green, Wisconsin
Occupation: Dairy Farmer/Substitute Teacher
Time on Island: 15 days

Name: Kelly Wiglesworth
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: River Guide
Time on Island: 39 days

Name: Richard Hatch
Hometown: Newport, Rhode Island
Occupation: Corporate Trainer
Time on Island: 39 days

Name: Rudy Boesch
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Occupation: Retired Navy SEAL
Time on Island: 38 days

Name: Sean Kenniff
Hometown: Carle Place, New York
Occupation: Neurologist
Time on Island: 36 days

Name: Sonja Christopher
Hometown: Walnut Creek, California
Occupation: Musician
Time on Island: 3 days

Name: Stacey Stillman
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Attorney
Time on Island: 9 days

Name: Susan Hawk
Hometown: Palmyra, Wisconsin
Occupation: Truck Driver
Time on Island: 37 days