Survivor Facts

Survivor has racked up a lot of interesting statistics over the years! Here is a list of some of the things you may (or may not) know about the show
The list is current as of Survivor 46

General Stats
Total Players: 697 (348 men, 349 women) not including any returning players
Total Survival Days: 1745 (equivalent of over 4 full years)
Total Tribes (starters, merged and auxillary including Outcasts): 161
Male Winners: 27 (Richard Hatch, Ethan Zohn, Brian Heidik, Chris Daugherty, Tom Westman, Aras Baskauskas, Yul Kwon, Earl Cole, Todd Herzog, Bob Crowley, James "JT" Thomas, Jud "Fabio" Birza, Rob Mariano, John Cochran, Tyson Apostol, Tony Vlachos (2), Mike Holloway, Jeremy Collins, Adam Klein, Ben Driebergen, Wendell Holland, Nick Wilson, Chris Underwood, Tommy Sheehan, Mike Gabler, Yamil Arocho)
Female Winners: 18 (Tina Wesson, Vecepia Towery, Jenna Morasca, Sandra Diaz-Twine (2), Amber Brkich, Danni Boatwright, Parvati Shallow, Natalie White, Sophie Clarke, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Natalie Anderson, Michele Fitzgerald, Sarah Lacina, Erika Casupanan, Maryanne Oketch, Dee Valladares)
Youngest Winner:* Jud "Fabio" Birza - Nicaragua (age 21)
Oldest Winner:* Bob Crowley - Gabon (age 57)
Youngest Player:** Will Wahl - Millennials vs. Gen X (age 18)
Oldest Player:** Rudy Boesch - Borneo (age 72)
Players to win by unanimous decision: Earl Cole (Fiji), James "JT" Thomas (Tocantins), John Cochran (Caramoan), Jeremy Collins (Cambodia), Adam Klein (Millennials vs. Gen X)
Winners without receiving a single elimination vote: Tina Wesson, Ethan Zohn, Brian Heidik, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Tom Westman, James "JT" Thomas, John Cochran, Natalie Anderson, Mike Holloway, Nick Wilson, Mike Gabler
Players Evacuated (out for medical reasons): 18
Players Quit: 14

* (at time of win), ** (at time of season)

Other Stats
First tribal swap: Season 3
First use of Exile Island: Season 10 (first inhabited by Janu Tornell)
First use of Redemption Island: Season 22
Only season with an uneven number of contestants: Season 14 the 20th player dropped out at the last second
Most times exiled: Jessica Kiper - Gabon (5 times)
Longest Redemption Island winning streak: Matt Elrod (10 consecutive wins)
Longest-surviving contestant: Rob Mariano (188 days)
Player with the longest gap between appearances: Ethan Zohn and Amber Mariano (16 years between All-Stars and Winners at War)
First use of a hidden immunity idol: Season 11 (used by Gary Stritesky)
Only season without a merge: Season 10 the last remaining member of Ulong was absorbed into Koror
Only use of a fake merge: Season 5
First use of a final three: Season 13
First live reading of finale votes: Season 2
First season Jeff hosted the reunion show: Season 5 Borneo/Australia/Africa reunions hosted by Bryant Gumbel, Marquesas reunion by Rosie O'Donnell
Most challenges won-team: Moto 4 reward, 8 immunity
Most individual immunities: 5 (tie between Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman, Terry Deitz, Ozzy Lusth, Mike Holloway, Brad Culpepper)
Survivor Strongman Record: Brandon Hantz and Jim Rice (South Pacific) Both carried 240 lbs. of weight in a challenge
Voted off twice in one season: Burton (Pearl Islands), Matt and Andrea (Redemption Island), Laura M. and Tina (Blood vs. Water)
Voted off three times in one season: Ozzy (South Pacific)
Total wins via 4-3 decision: 6
Total wins via 5-2 decision: 3
Total wins via 6-1 decision: 4
Most-visited Survivor location: Fiji (seasons 14, 33-45)
Most quits in a single season: 2 (All-Stars and Nicaragua)
Most evacuations in a single season: 3 (Kaoh Rong)
Most hidden immunity idols played in a single season: 3 (Game Changers and Winners at War)
Largest jury: 16 members (Winners at War)
Castaways appearing in consecutive seasons: 11 (Rupert: Pearl Islands and All-Stars, Stephenie and Bobby Jon: Palau and Guatemala, Amanda and James: China and Micronesia, Russell: Samoa and Heroes vs.Villains, Malcolm: Philippines and Caramoan, Joe and Shirin: Worlds Apart and Cambodia, Michaela and Zeke: Millennials vs. Gen X and Game Changers)

Fun Facts
* Eight tribes have names that repeat itself: Mogo Mogo (All-Stars), Puka Puka (Cook Islands), Bula Bula (Fiji - Merged), Foa Foa (Samoa), Maku Maku (Game Changers - Merged), Kalokalo (David vs. Goliath - Merged), Kula Kula (42 - Merged) and Va Va (44 - Merged)
* Seven merged tribes are made of combinations containing the names of their starting tribes: Chuay Jai (Thailand), Chaboga Mogo (All-Stars), Xhakum (Guatemala), Aitutonga (Cook Islands), Solarrion (Cagayan), Huyopa (San Juan del Sur), Maku Maku (Game Changers) and Solewa (Heroes/Healers/Hustlers)
* The most common color for a merged tribe is black while the most common color for a starting tribe is yellow
* 6 players have logged more than 100 total gameplay days in multiple seasons (Rupert, Parvati, Ozzy, Amanda, Boston Rob and Cirie)
* The 7-person, 8-person, 9-person and 10-person jury configurations have all produced a unanimous winner
* Rob and Amber may be the first Survivors to get married, but Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca were the first Survivor couple. Ethan met Jenna at the Amazon finale
* 5 former players appeared on The Price is Right (Mitchell from Australia, Tijuana from Pearl Islands, Lisa from Vanuatu, Rita from Fiji and Aaron from China. Lisa and Rita are the only Survivor alumni to appear on the Drew Carey version) either before or after their time on Survivor. All but one won their games, but did not advance past the Showcase Showdown
* 2 former players also competed in Mark Burnett's other venture, the Eco-Challenge race (Ethan from Africa and Jenna from Borneo, competing as Team Mad River)
* Jeff was one of two finalists up for the Survivor hosting job back in 2000. The other finalist was Phil Keoghan, who is the current host of CBS' other hit reality show, The Amazing Race
* 3 Survivor couples have competed on the series The Amazing Race (Rob Mariano/Amber Brkich [twice], Ethan Zohn/Jenna Morasca, Whitney Duncan/Keith Tollefson). On the flip side, Natalie and Nadiya Anderson were the first pair from that show to cross over to Survivor
* 2 former players crossed over from Big Brother: Hayden Moss (Blood vs. Water) and Caleb Reynolds (Kaoh Rong/Game Changers)
* David vs. Goliath broke the Survivor record for the longest streak of unique individual immunity winners. From the merge to final 6, 8 different players won an individual immunity challenge
* It was revealed in Survivor 43 that a second immunity necklace is kept in reserve when needed
* Starting with Island of the Idols, Canadians could apply to participate on the show. Tom Laidlaw became the first Canadian-born player under this new rule, while Erika Casupanan became the first Canadian resident to be a contestant

Other Facts
* JT Thomas from Survivor: Tocantins and John Cochran from Survivor: Caramoan are the only players in Survivor history to be credited with a "perfect game". To achieve this feat, one must survive all 39 days, not have a vote cast against them at all Tribal Councils, and receive a unanimous winning vote from the final jury. However, JT also won Player of the Season for Tocantins, winning an extra $100,000 whereas Malcolm Freberg was Player of the Season for Caramoan
* Denise Stapley from Survivor: Philippines is the only player to attend and survive every Tribal Council
* Erik Reichenbach is the only player to have participated in both of the "Fans vs. Favorites" designated seasons, both as a Fan (Micronesia) and as a Favorite (Caramoan)
* Mike Skupin is the only player to have been in multiple seasons and never be voted off (evacuated in Australia, runner-up in Philippines)
* Rupert is the only player to vote for the same person as the winner twice (Sandra)
* Mike Skupin, Russell Hantz and Sandra Diaz-Twine are the only players to participate in multiple seasons and never be on the jury
* John Cochran went on to become a writer for the CBS sitcom The Millers immediately after winning Caramoan
* Francesca Hogi is the first player to be voted off first in two separate seasons (Redemption Island and Caramoan)
* Cirie Fields is the first player to be voted off by process of elimination (all the other players were immune)
* Mike Holloway is the first player to use a hidden immunity idol to save himself and subsequently win the game
* Wendell Holland is the only Sole Survivor to win following a tie vote at the final Tribal Council
* Erika Casupanan is the first Canadian Sole Survivor since the rule change in season 39
* Yamil "Yam Yam" Arocho is the first Puerto Rican Sole Survivor
* The "Cops R Us" alliance of Tony Vlachos and Sarah Lacina has been said to be the most successful in the history of the game. It has produced 3 wins (2 for Tony, 1 for Sarah) over 3 seasons (Cagayan, Game Changers and Winners at War)

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