Sook Jai Shrine

On the other end of the island dwells the Sook Jai Tribe. They are a mix of young and old, strong and smart people. How will they be able to put their skills to the test?

Erin Collins
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Real Estate Sales
Days: 24

Jake Billingsley
Occupation: Land Broker
Days: 33

Jed Hilderbrand
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Dental Student
Days: 9

Ken Stafford
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: NYPD Officer
Days: 27

Penny Ramsey
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales
Days: 30

Robb Zbacnik
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Occupation: Bartender
Days: 18

Shii Ann Huang
Hometown: New York City
Occupation: Executive Recruiter
Days: 21

Stephanie Dill
Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Occupation: Firefighter
Days: 15