Vuku = Ability

This season's castaways are divided by their abilities and the way people see them in their everyday lives

Tribe Swap 1 (Episode 4): Those affected will have * (to Levu), * (to Soko) and * (to Yawa) beside their names

Levu (Heroes)

Alan Ball
(4th eliminated)

Ashley Nolan
(Jury #6)

Ben Driebergen*

Chrissy Hofbeck*

JP Hilsabeck*
(Jury #3)

Katrina Radke
(1st eliminated)

Soko (Healers)

Cole Medders*
(Jury #2)

Desi Williams*
(Jury #1)

Jessica Johnston*
(7th eliminated)

Joe Mena*
(Jury #4)

Mike Zahalsky*
(Jury #7)

Roark Luskin
(5th eliminated)

Yawa (Hustlers)

Ali Elliott*
(6th eliminated)

Devon Pinto*
(Jury #8)

Lauren Rimmer
(Jury #5)

Patrick Bolton
(3rd eliminated)

Ryan Ulrich*
(3rd Place)

Simone Nguyen
(2nd eliminated)