"Waitui" is Fijian for "sea". 20 players who have all had a hand in shaping the game over the years come back to show why they have made the big moves

Tribe Swap 1 - Episode 3: Affected players will have * (to Nuku), * (to Mana) or * (to Tavua) beside their names
Tribe Swap 2 - Episode 6: Affected players will have * (to Nuku) or * (to Mana) beside their names


Andrea Bohlke**
(Jury #6)

Brad Culpepper*

Cirie Fields**
(Jury #8)

Debbie Warner*
(Jury #3)

JT Thomas
(5th eliminated)

Ozzy Lusth**
(Jury #2)

Sarah Lacina**

Sierra Thomas*
(Jury #5)

Tai Trang**
(Jury #10)

Zeke Smith**
(Jury #4)


Aubry Bracco**
(Jury #9)

Caleb Reynolds
(3rd eliminated)

Ciera Eastin
(1st eliminated)

Hali Ford
(Jury #1)

Jeff Varner*
(7th eliminated)

Malcolm Freberg*
(4th eliminated)

Michaela Bradshaw**
(Jury #7)

Sandra Diaz-Twine*
(6th eliminated)

Tony Vlachos
(2nd eliminated)

Troyzan Robertson**
(3rd Place)