In the Philippines, the word "pamilya" means "family". 10 returnees from the past play against their loved ones in this unique adventure

Active: Player remains in the game
Awaiting Duel: Player voted off, awaits duel on Redemption Island
Xth Eliminated: Player is eliminated from the game
*: Joins Galang
*: Joins Tadhana
Jury #X: Member of the jury

Galang (The Favorites)

Aras Baskauskas*
(Jury #1)

Candice Cody
(5th eliminated)

Colton Cumbie
(Quit, 2nd eliminated)

Gervase Peterson*
(3rd Place)

Kat Edorsson
(7th eliminated)

Laura Morett
(Jury #6)

Monica Culpepper

Rupert Boneham
(1st eliminated)

Tina Wesson
(Jury #8)

Tyson Apostol*

Tadhana (The Loved Ones)

Brad Culpepper
(6th eliminated)

Caleb Bankston
(Jury #3)

Ciera Eastin
(Jury #7)

Hayden Moss
(Jury #5)

John Cody
(8th eliminated)

Katie Collins*
(Jury #4)

Laura Boneham *
(9th eliminated)

Marissa Peterson
(4th eliminated)

Rachel Foulger
(3rd eliminated)

Vytas Baskauskas*
(Jury #2)