"Dina" is Fijian for "true" or "genuine". The 20 castaways, divided by generation lines, must work together to build true and genuine relationships with one another

A tribe switch occurred in episode 5. Those affected will have * (to Vanua), * (to Takali) or * (to Ikabula) beside their names

Vanua (Millennials)

Adam Klein*

Hannah Shapiro*

Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa*
(6th eliminated)

Justin "Jay" Starrett*
(Jury #8)

Mari Takahashi
(2nd eliminated)

Michaela Bradshaw*
(7th eliminated)

Michelle Schubert
(Jury #1)

Taylor Stocker*
(Jury #2)

Will Wahl*
(Jury #6)

Zeke Smith
(Jury #5)

Takali (Gen X)

Bret LaBelle*
(Jury #9)

Chris Hammons*
(Jury #3)

Ciandre "CeCe" Taylor*
(5th eliminated)

David Wright*
(Jury #10)

Jessica Lewis
(Jury #4)

Ken McKnickle

Lucy Huang
(4th eliminated)

Paul Wachter
(3rd eliminated)

Rachel Ako
(1st eliminated)

Sunday Burquest*
(Jury #7)