Three Worlds

With castaways from three different socioeconomic backgrounds, they are definitely three worlds apart but sharing the same goal to survive

A tribe swap occurred in Episode 5. Those affected will have * (Escameca/Masaya -> Nagarote) or * (Nagarote/Masaya -> Escameca) beside their names

Nagarote (Free Spirits)

Hali Ford
(Jury #1)

Jenn Brown
(Jury #3)

Joe Anglim*
(Jury #2)

Nina Poersch
(3rd eliminated)

Vince Sly
(2nd eliminated)

Will Simms II
(Third Place)

Masaya (White Collar)

Carolyn Rivera*

Joaquin Souberbielle*
(6th eliminated)

Max Dawson*
(5th eliminated)

Shirin Oskooi*
(Jury #4)

So Kim
(1st eliminated)

Tyler Fredrickson
(Jury #5)*

Escameca (Blue Collar)

Dan Foley
(Jury #6)

Kelly Remington*
(7th eliminated)

Lindsey Cascaddan
(4th eliminated)

Mike Holloway

Rodney Lavoie Jr.
(Jury #8)

Sierra Dawn Thomas
(Jury #7)