Snake Island

Snake Island is home to many sea kraits-and a few Immunity and Reward Challenges. As you walk along the island, stop to take a look at some other great Survivor sites on the Internet

Survivor Links
The Official Survivor Site
Wikipedia article
Survivor Fever
Official Survivor Wiki
Sir Linksalot: Survivor Directory
Global TV's Survivor Page Survivor Page
Survivorfans Message Board Survivor Page

Related Links
The Serpentine Project
(An organization founded by Survivor host Jeff Probst devoted to mentoring and inspiring youth transitioning out of foster care)

Grassroots Soccer
(Founded by Survivor 3 winner Ethan Zohn, it trains professional soccer players to teach African children about HIV prevention)

Rob Has A Website
(Survivor news and reality views by Season 6 contestant Rob Cesternino)
(Jeff's official site)

Personal Links

Those are just a few to start off with. If you know of any more to add, e-mail me and I'll be sure to put them up.

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