"Toukchet" is part of the Khmer word for "trust". Trust is important within the Survivor universe, and the new castaways must learn to trust one another to progress in the game

A tribe swap occurred in episode 5. Those affected will have * (to Gondol) or * (to Chanloh) beside their names

Gondol (Beauty)

Anna Khait
(5th eliminated)

Caleb Reynolds

Julia Sokolowski
(Jury #5)

Michele Fitzgerald*

Nick Maiorano*
(Jury #2)

Tai Trang
(3rd Place)

Totang (Brawn)

Alecia Holden
(4th eliminated)

Cydney Gillon*
(Jury #8)

Darnell Hamilton
(1st eliminated)

Jennifer Lanzetti
(2nd eliminated)

Kyle Jason*
(Jury #6)

Scot Pollard*
(Jury #4)

Chanloh (Brains)

Aubry Bracco*

Debbie Warner
(Jury #3)

Elisabeth Markham
(3rd eliminated)

Joseph del Campo*
(Evacuated, Jury #7)

Neal Gottlieb
(Evacuated, Jury #1)

Peter Baggenstos*
(6th eliminated)